Privacy Policy for Sell Car For Cash Tennessee 

Information We Collect From You

Sell Car For Cash Tennessee collects some information on you and the other people who use our website and services in order to create the best experience. Personal information that we collect is limited in scope and usage, but may include:

  • name
  • address
  • birthday
  • email address
  • social media accounts
  • telephone numbers

When you give us this information, you consent to the way it is used as explained in this policy.

Sell Car For Cash Tennessee allows you to withdraw consent at any time by contacting us directly.

Cookies And More Information

Sell Car For Cash Tennessee will retain and track some information based on your visit.

Data we look at can include pages you’ve visited, service or support you request, your IP address, browser information, and placing cookies on your machine for proper tracking. We use this data to improve our services and may provide it to some of our partners – when you give us the “okay” – but we never sell or give out information to unknown third parties.

You will always be asked to consent for sharing with any of our partners you may withdraw that consent at any time.

Data We Use And Why

Information from our customers allows Sell Car For Cash Tennessee to improve products, services, and marketing that deliver what you’re most interested in seeing.

Personalization of your experience can lead to a more enjoyable service, so the data we collect will often help us decide what to show you on our website, what offers you’ll see, what materials you receive, and more.

Our employees and agents may also have access to your data in order to administer support for any of the accounts, products, and services offered by Sell Car For Cash Tennessee.

Security And Your Consent

Sell Car For Cash Tennessee takes privacy and website security seriously. We work hard to protect your information by employing secure servers, use of SSL technology, and other access controls.

Privacy policies also help us guarantee that you know what is being protected and how we plan to do so. That means by using our website and services, you are consenting to operate under this privacy policy.

Policies may be updated when necessary and that will not always include a direct notice of any changes. Pleases return to this page often to ensure that you are aware of the latest privacy policy requirements and agreements.